Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Convert a Sketch file to HTML?

The best thanks to convert Sketch file to HTML is by writing your own CSS/HTML.

If you recognize a way to work on JavaScript then in all probability it's best to not use any conversion tools like Muse, etc.

Reasons to make your own Code

  • Conversion tools square measure far-famed for making unhealthy codes
  • Not nice for SEO
  • Cannot give that zing to charm the audience, not like a written code
  • It doesn't extremely guarantee quality
  • If you can't be intimate yourself, rent professionals to try to to the work

Why PSD to HTML is far Better?

Converting your PSD to HTML through a written code is far higher as a result of it brings out all the small print in an exceedingly web site.

A written code sets the web site except the opposite traditional conversion tool codes. By pampering in written code you can-

Indulging in written Code

  • Get flexibility and maintain it simply
  • You apprehend specifically what must modification and the way to do it well
  • You will modification the core code rather than counting on the web site builders
  • You savvy to use correct HTML configuration while not disrupting the web site
  • Makes it easier for search engines to search out your relevant keywords and your web site is hierarchical higher.


Although it sounds fairly easy, there square measure tons of layers concerned in making an ideal code soyou recognize a way to get your web site to rank higher.

It is forever a good plan to check the varied aid tutorials on committal to writing effectively instead of continuing on your own. you'll be able to even have an expert developer write the codes for you to convert your Sketch to HTML.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Understanding the Merits and Demerits of the Best PHP Frameworks of Today

Perfection is a term that is relative in nature and it applies to every aspect in this world. As technology progresses, there will be certain aspects of a network, program, framework that may not really work in favor of us. Let us understand the basic pros and cons of the best PHP frameworks of today.

Laravel PHP Framework:
Although one of the best things to happen to the web development community, Laravel is not short of its pros and cons. Laravel differs from its contemporaries because of its wide acceptance and openness to accept other PHP frameworks with a relatively newer version. It had put it the PHP network at par with Django and Rails within a short frame of time.

  • ·         A very popular language for web development.
  • ·         It has a certain ease of development that has been thought over by its developers. All you need to do is get the command right.
  • ·         It provides a great platform to learn the object-oriented design in PHP.
  • ·         It helps to introduce you to traits, facades, factories and much more to become well versed in PHP and grow faster.

  • ·         Not a perfect choice for amateur developers due to multiple issues
  • ·         Slower than its contemporaries such as CodeIgniter
  • ·         Not suited for real-time communication
  • ·         PHP is one of the poorly designed languages and it remains to be so too

Cake PHP Framework:
It follows many concepts of Ruby on Rails and is quite popular amongst web developers. It is known to make web applications swifter and easier.

  • ·         Does not need programmers to use complex YAML and XML files
  • ·         It supports the MVC pattern in software development
  • ·         Quickly helps to recreate easier reusable codes
  • ·         Has innovative built-in tools that enable a programmer to make web applications safe and secure

  • ·         Inadequate documentation is one of the major disadvantages
  • ·         More complex than other PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter
  • ·         Not easy to switch to the updated version of CakePHP, even from 2x to 3x
  • ·         Does not support default routes for elaborate URLs

CodeIgniter Framework
It rose to fame in quick succession along with another popular framework called Cake PHP. A very powerful PHP framework with low imprints and is ideal for developers who need elegant and fully featured web applications.

  • ·         Easy to learn, hence makes it easy for beginners to learn it
  • ·         Small footprint with great documentation
  • ·         Does not have any lags and it is great in performance

  • ·         Library does not have too many features and refinements
  • ·         Code modification is difficult
  • ·         No inbuilt support for AJAX and ORM

Slim PHP Framework
Slim PHP helps you to quickly write simple yet powerful APIs and web applications. It is a predecessor of the micro framework movement started in 2013 and is still quite a popular framework to use.

  • ·         It is great is debugging and error handling
  • ·         Quick and efficient mapping of HTTP router requests
  • ·         It supports any PSR 7 HTTP message implementation

  • ·         It is used to build a REST API but insists on putting everything in one .php file
  • ·         Leaves out many components of a full stack framework such as database abstraction, validation of input, authentication
  • ·         Cannot accommodate very large projects
All in all, although all the PHP Frameworks are required to build excellent web applications, however, none are free of their own disadvantages. They share certain common features however also have a few areas of concern. Web developers are the best judge in deciding which one is the best. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Create A Good Website And Make Your Business Successful


xhtmlchamps web design and development company
In a digital world, website is very important for businesses.   It helps to make the business as a brand and also attract the quality traffic for new business leads.  These days’, social media sites become a free marketing tool for business to promote their product and services among large number of audiences.   An effective and user friendly website always   takes your business in a new height.   As we all know responsive website design is also a one of the search engine ranking factor.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How important is customized web development services for your business?

The very motive behind establishing your business on the web, however small or large your business is to build your brand image, grow in popularity, plunder any potential opportunity at increasing revenue through transactions online. So what will really set your apart here? Needless to say your website will need to standout; establish a unique position for itself among a hundred other competing websites; thus attracting the attention of potential customers. 

You will simply have to turn to hiring the services of a web development services provider who will fulfill the needs of your business and ensure that it is in line with trends in the related industry. Given the availability of thousands of web solution providers in the web development industry; making a choice as per your requirements can be a daunting task. Read on for some simple tips to choose the right web development service for your business-

• Refrain from having any form of open-ended billing relationships with a service provider until such a time you arrive a phase of maintenance associated with the project. Web Ensure that the site Design and payments are linked with results at all costs.
• Look at flexible designers who incorporate technology that save time and costs.
• Keep your eyes open for service providers who make billing easy for you. 
• A genuine service provider will be forthcoming about costs and turnaround time in the project undertaken.

The above are some broad guidelines which you may want to consider before you make that choice of a web design and development for your business, now we shall get to why it is really important for business to necessarily hire the services of a web design and development company:
Important of hiring a custom 

web design and development service provider-

1) Custom web applications help fulfill specific business needs:
The expertise of such a company will be clearly match the requirements of your business with the design in mind and help build a complete website, design and develop web applications unique and suitable to your type of business exclusively.

2) Enhanced productivity of the business:
Greater the number of web applications relevant to your industrial output requirements lesser your dependence on regular manual labor. You save costs here don’t you?

3) Automation of business processes automatically improves efficiency:

Business automation means improved efficiency, time savings and reduction on operational / productivity errors. A properly automated business environment results in reduced costs, lower manual tasks and enhanced deployment of technology in your business.

4) A properly designed and built website ensures that visitors save time on your business site because of the ease with which they access requirements. The easy of navigation and an attractive layout helps to attract and hold visitors on the site for a longer duration.

5) Content is the key to any website- availing the services of a professional web design and development company takes care of that completely. 

6) Once the website is up and functioning the task will shift to ongoing maintenance of the website thus developed; it is a very important aspect in keeping your website up to date. A web designing company will perform this task for you.

7) Search engine optimization-

A professional web designing company optimizes your website for search engines on the net so as to drive traffic towards your website. There are various on page and off-page optimizations methods that could be used to market your website. This positively influences the ranking of your website .Further a web designing company will also aid in research and select apt keywords, use them in your web page content, so as to promote your business online. This activity as such is crucial to the successful presence of your business in the virtual arena.

Given recent trends in internet and related technologies, a good website replete with aesthetics and functionality has to co-exist along the physical set up of the business. With consumers shifting to the web to fulfill just about any requirement, you will certainly require the services of a professional web design and development company to build that sought-after business website!